LASIK and Eye Surgery Consults & Post-Op Care

We offer LASIK consultations and post-op eye surgery care in Broward County to help you decide if laser eye surgery is right for you as well as tend to your post-LASIK care.  

While contact lenses can be an alternative for people who do not want to wear contacts every day, some people do not want to have to depend on them either. For these people, LASIK or another type of refractive eye surgery may pique their interest.  

We provide consultations for LASIK and other refractive eye surgeries to help you decide is laser eye surgery is a good choice for you. If you decide to move forward with LASIK surgery, we will help connect you with a ophthalmologist in the area and work with them to provide you pre- and post-op eye surgery care.  

Types of Refractive Eye Surgeries 

Refractive eye surgeries include a series of eye surgeries like LASIK that can help with vision correction and decreases a person’s need to wear contacts or glasses. In some cases, LASIK eye surgery may even eliminate the need for other types of vision correction completely.  

LASIK procedures and other eye surgeries tends to be minimally invasive and quick. In many case, people are sent home the same day. While intimidating to some, these laser eye surgeries also tend to have few side effects and little discomfort for patients. The LASIK eye surgery itself involves the use of a small laser controlled by a compute that reshapes the cornea. Many other refractive eye surgeries involve computer-controlled lasers to manipulate the eye and correct different vision problems.  

Some refractive eye surgery procedures include: 

  • LASIK 
  • photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) 
  • laser thermal keratoplasty (LTK) 
  • automated lamellar keratoplasty (ALK) 

After an eye examination and eye surgery consult, our doctor will be able to make recommendations on whether or not corrective eye surgery is right for as well as which eye procedure would best meet your needs.   

What Happens at A Laser Eye Correction Consultation 

Not everyone should get LASIK eye surgery, so a LASIK consult is a necessary first step. If you are interested in LASIK surgery, please let our office know when making your appointment.  

Typically, this process involves an examination and assessment of the eye include vision needs as well as eye health. Once the basics are covered, a laser eye surgery consult will also include a closer look at your cornea as well as any problems that could cause complication. Dry eye care for example, may be needed before LASIK eye surgery is done to avoid issues.  

If during your laser eye surgery consult you are determined to be a good candidate, we will next refer you a nearby ophthalmologist. They will perform the surgery itself while we work with the to manage you care.  

Post-Operative LASIK Care  

Although an outpatient eye surgery, you still need post-LASIK care to avoid complications and allow your eyes time to heal. Working with your ophthalmologist, we will provide you with that post-operative eye surgery care including follow-up appointments to monitor your recovery and guidance on what you can do to speed up the recovery process and help you on your way.  

If you are interested in LASIK eye surgery, do not be afraid to contact us. With a simple LASIK consultation, we can help you decide if eye surgery is right for you and guide you through the process.