The “Near No-Lens Experience!”

Announcing the only silicone hydrogel one-day contact lens in the U.S. - now available at The Eye Center. Imagine contact lenses so comfortable, you'll feel as if you weren't wearing any lenses at all! The Eye Center invites you to enjoy a brand new level of convenience, comfort, hygiene and healthy lens wear by using

Perfect for South Florida – Transitions® XTRActive Eyeglass Lenses

Introducing everyday eyewear to fit the lifestyle of active adults who enjoy being outdoors. Perfect for sunny South Florida,  Transitions® XTRActive eyeglasses provide comfort, convenience and UV protection. Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing lighting conditions, allowing not only a more comfortable viewing experience but also protection from UV light damage. Transitions are available for

Relief for Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eye is a common condition affecting Americans in all regions of the country. Sufferers often comlain of dry, tired eyes or of a foreign body sensation in the eye. Other symptoms include blurriness, scratchiness, burning, stinging and sensitivity to light. Dry eye is caused from an inadequate wetting and lubrication of the eye. Blinking

Make Eye Exams Part of the Back to School Routine

Kids eyes need protection too. In our South Florida sunshine, it takes very little time outdoors to realize the need for sun protection. Parents generally understand that their children's skin is prone to sunburn and they take precautions to protect it with liberal doses of sun block. Yet most parents may not understand the need

Kid’s in Contact Lenses

Young children do very well in contact lenses. Eight years old is not too young for children to wear contact lenses. The new lenses we have today are extremely safe and do more for the child than just improve vision. A recent study done at Ohio State University called the Walline Study concluded that children

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Hours of Operation

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Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.