How Vision Therapy Can Improve Quality of Life.

The goal of Optometric Vision Therapy is not to strengthen eye muscles. Eye muscles are already incredibly strong. Since two-thirds of all information humans receive is visual, it is essential that visual skills are efficient. Even for youngsters, these basic visual skills are necessary to perform tasks such as focusing, reading, walking and using a computer.

Optometric Vision Therapy is:

Vision Therapy patient Lewis Perez.

Vision Therapy Patient Lewis Perez

  • A progressive program of vision procedures
  • Performed under doctor supervision
  • Individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient
  • Generally conducted in-office, in once or twice weekly sessions of 30 minutes to an hour
  • Occasionally supplemented with procedures done at home between office visits

Vision Therapy testimonials from actual patients of The Eye Center.

Vision Therapy Patient Geisala Boodaghian

Vision Therapy Patient Geisala Boodaghian

Dear Dr. Nanasy and Peta,

Geisala BoodaghianMy family would like to thank you for offering such a unique and beneficial therapy to our daughter, Geisala. After being diagnosed with a retained primitive reflex (ATNR) due to mild Autism, vision therapy at the eye center was the right decision for her. We have noticed a marked improvement in hand eye coordination, processing speed, improvement in copying from the whiteboard at school, and that she is better at keeping her eye on the ball in golf. I want you both to know what you do everyday improves lives!

– Sincerely, Melissa Boodaghian, Davie, Florida

Headaches, blurred vision and dizziness were not symptoms a parent wants to hear from their young daughter. When we found out our daughter, Kylie, needed to wear glasses at such a young age for reading we were concerned. After two years of wearing glasses her muscles did not strengthen as the doctor had expected.

It was recommended that Kylie have vision therapy to strengthen her focus. We were a little skeptical until we met Dr. Amanda Nanasy. Dr. Nanasy explained the procedures to us and watched Kylie’s progress very closely throughout the months of therapy. Peta, who was the technician administering each activity, was very patient and friendly towards all of us, and made it fun for Kylie each week.

Most importantly, Kylie has gone glasses- and headache-free since therapy ended. It has been two years since Kylie has completed her vision therapy and has very good eyesight. As parents, we would highly recommend vision therapy if it is suggested to help your child. We are very grateful to The Eye Center, Dr. Amanda Nanasy, and Peta for helping us.

We strongly believe that vision therapy has brought great benefits to our son Lewis.

He had very hard time following lines, text and patterns with a strong weakness on hand-eye coordination. After doing Vision Therapy, we love that Lewis has been able to focus better at school and at home with his daily routine. We thoroughly believe that his eye focusing and coordination have dramatically improved a lot. He also seems to be able to concentrate much better in tasks that he likes such as coloring, coloring within the lines, copying text from books or simply writing letters.

It took a lot of practice, patient and commitment, especially at the beginning, but we believe it was worth it. Kids his age do have problems focusing on any task at hand but we did notice he was outside the normal boundaries having a lot of trouble keeping up with anything that was far from him. He also gave up quickly looking at things within close range or simply trying to catch a beach ball.

After a few months of hard work and with his new prescription glasses things changed dramatically. Lewis is much more playful and can easily concentrate on books and desk activities.

The professionalism and dedication of the staff members was superb. We, as a family, believe it was the best way to help our son develop his eye muscles and get back on track. Lewis is now very positive about trying new things and doesn’t find sports as difficult as he did before. He used to complain he was unable to follow balls, saying that it was either too fast or that they “moved away.”

The equipment used for eye therapy was exceptional, modern and entertaining. Lewis couldn’t wait for the next therapy session; he always thought of them as being fun.

– The Perez Family

Depending on the case, the procedures are prescribed to:

The Eye Center Vision Therapy Graduate Meghan Phillip

Vision Therapy Patient Meghan Phillip

  • Improve visual comfort, ease, and efficiency
  • Performed under doctor supervision
  • Change how a patient processes or interprets visual information

Optometric Vision Therapy is supervised by vision care professionals and many types of specialized medical equipment can be utilized, such as:

  • Therapeutic lenses
  • Prisms
  • Filters
  • Occluders or patches
  • Electronic targets with timing mechanisms
  • Balance boards

We Make It Easy to Get Started with Vision Therapy

The first step in any Optometric Vision Therapy program is a comprehensive vision exam. Following a thorough evaluation, our qualified vision care professionals can advise you as to whether you are a good candidate for Optometric Vision Therapy and if Optometric Vision Therapy is appropriate treatment for you.

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