InfantSEE®: Well-Baby Vision Check-Ups

The Eye Center is pleased to offer this free vision exam for infants


The Eye Center is proud to provide infant eye and vision health at no cost through the InfantSEE® program. This vital service is provided free of charge thanks to Optometry’s Charity™ – The AOA Foundation and The Vision Care Institute™, LLC a Johnson & Johnson company. InfantSEE® was launched in 2005 to ensure that eye and vision care is an integral part of infant well-baby check-ups.

Professional eye assessment is critical in identifying critical eye and vision problems at an early age. We can help explain any existing conditions to parents and provide the proper corrective procedures.

InfantSEE services are offered at The Eye Center

Dr. Amanda Nanasy exams 11-month-old Sofia Gonzalez, shown here with her mother, Danielle Gonzalez, Esq.

What to expect during exam

Our optometrists will assess:

  • Whether patient history suggests a problem?
  • Can the baby see?
  • Are the eyes straight?
  • Are the eyes healthy?
  • Is intervention necessary?

Assessment of visual awareness for infants and toddlers may include tests to assess that the infant can fix his eyes on and follow an object. Using her hands, a light, or a toy, the optometrist catches the baby’s attention and observes how the baby follows the movements of the object.

The optometrist will examine the baby’s eye structure as well as eyelids, tear ducts, and other parts of the eye.

Pupil function will be checked, and a hand-held biomicroscope may be used for evaluation of the front of the eye. A test to assess visual field will be completed and an examination of the inner eye through a dilated pupil will be done. An ideal time for evaluation of the posterior segment is when the infant is in a calm, relaxed, condition (i.e., being bottle fed or sound asleep).

We’re here to answer all of your questions about well-baby eye care. Contact The Eye Center today at (954) 432-7711 to make an appointment for a well-baby vision check-up!