Patient Spotlight

Dr. Stephanie Davis introduces us to a few of her generational patients

Needleman Family
IMG_3239My family and I have been patients of The Eye Center and Dr. Robert Davis for 32 years.  My family has been very lucky to have Dr. Davis oversee the care of my family’s eyes.  Three of us wear contact lens successfully.  Both my daughters began wearing them at 11 and 12 years old.  Dr. Davis through a routine Optomap exam spotted a retina detachment that led to my daughter being referred to a specialist.  If not for the care of this wonderful doctor she would have lost the sight in her eye.  We feel a part of the Eye center family.





Martinez Family

We have been coming to The Eye Center for more than forty years.  In the early 1970’s, my Martinez Familyfamily moved into the Pembroke Pines area. My husband, Richard,  and I were in our thirties and each wore glasses for distance. The Eye Center, with Drs. Davis and
Morris, was very convenient and accommodating for our eye care needs.  I was a teacher at nearby Nova High School and soon was happy to have a very good student and conscientious young lady, Stephanie Davis, in my Spanish class.  

As the years passed, my children, Suzanne and Rich, also became patients of The Eye Center, and we were in and out of The Eye Center several times a year (even if it was only for a conversation between Dr. Morris and my husband about their Corvettes).
I was delighted to see my former student ,Dr. Stephanie Davis, join the practice when she completed her studies.  Now she is my eye doctor!  As our family continued to grow, our grandchildren now became patients of The Eye Center, and the cycle of life continues.  It is comforting to see familiar faces, people who have grown with you, year after year. It is a matter of trust and loyalty.

Happy Birthday Eye Center, we are proud to have known you all these years. 


Armella Family

Arbella_FamilyMy name is Maria Armella, and I have two daughters: Gabrielle who is 22 years old and Jessica who just turned 18. We moved down to Miami from New York in 2000. I started working for the Florida Marlins in 2001. I was looking for an Optometrist, and in 2002 a co-worker recommended I see Dr. Stephanie Davis. I made an appointment for the girls and me to see Dr. Davis and still to this day, we see her every year for a check-up. In 2004, I was a candidate for vision correction and had LASIK eye surgery, with Dr. Davis’ blessing. It was a success!

We feel very comfortable with the Eye Center of Dr’s Robert Davis, Stephanie Davis, Semel, and Nanasy Optometrists staff, especially with Dr. Stephanie Davis. It’s like we’re all one family.  We look forward to our appointments. It’s a real nice feeling.  

Both of my girls wear eyeglasses and contact lenses, and they’re very happy with Dr. Davis’ recommendations.

Jessica, Daughter

I have been going to Dr. Stephanie Davis for all my optometrist needs since I was in elementary school. Years later, she still makes me feel comfortable and I have only grown fonder of her as an Optometrist and as a friend of our family. With her excellent service, comfortable environment, and a doctor who knows what they’re doing. I’d recommend Dr. Stephanie Davis to anyone!