Dry? Watery? Itchy? Sandy? Red? Crusty and Swollen?  These are all ways that patients have described their eyes when they have either Dry Eye Syndrome or other serious eyelid or eyelash conditions.  Many of these conditions develop from bacterial infections on the lid margin or problems with the eyelid’s Meibomian glands.
The doctors at the Eye Center have heard your complaints and are here with answers!  Depending on your specific diagnosis, the doctors now have access to the newest treatment options on the market such as Avenova and Blephadex, as well as many of the standards that our patients have benefited from for years like Restasis and punctal plugs.  If you were ever told by your doctor to do warm compresses and wash your eyes with baby shampoo, you are likely a candidate for one of the new treatments.
You don’t have to live with uncomfortable eyes!  Schedule your Dry Eye evaluation today and ask the doctors which treatment regimen is right for you!