children-contactsYoung children do very well in contact lenses. Eight years old is not too young for children to wear contact lenses. The new lenses we have today are extremely safe and do more for the child than just improve vision.

A recent study done at Ohio State University called the Walline Study concluded that children between 8 and 11 wearing contact lenses feel better about their physical appearance and athletic competence. Social acceptance self –perceptions are likely to improve with contact lens wear. Contact lenses will also make a child more confident about their academic performance according to this extensive study.

Parents should consider the social benefits of contact lens wear and the visual benefits of contact lens wear when choosing the most appropriate vision correction modality for children as young as 8 years of age.

Here at the Eye Center, we specialize in fitting young children with contact lens. We will select the healthiest and the most comfortable contact lenses for your child,and make sure he or she knows how to handle the lenses with ease.